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About Gabriella Gricius

Gabriella is a Senior Research Associate for PILPG's Netherlands office and a Teacher with the International Law Clinic at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After graduating cum-laude with her Masters degree in International Security at the University of Groningen, she is in the process of pursuing doctoral research to better understand the nature of conflict and de-facto states in the Former Soviet Union.


In pursuit of more substantial and dialogue-driven diplomacy on international issues, she was the co-founder and operational manager for the Sub-Stances platform alongside Josephine Bush, Jessica Hoefer and Florane Lavend'homme.


Gabriella is also a freelance writer and editor who works with Bad Yogi Lifestyle Magazine, Global Security Review, Foreign Policy, Bear Market Review, Riddle Russia, the Startup Guide amongst other academic journals and journalistic publications.

Gabriella also acts as the Chief Content Officer for yoganect, where she manages content creation and marketing strategy. When she is not busy, she also teaches yoga classes and is certified as a RYT-200 Hour Vinyasa teacher with Yoga Alliance. 

She is fluent in English and German and developing her fluency in Russian and Dutch. Furthermore, she has experience coding in HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python and Javascript.

To see more of Gabriella's publications and learn more about her experience, download her resume below.


My Latest Projects

The Virtual Human Rights Lawyer

I am working as the Coordinator for the Virtual Human Rights Lawyer project (VHRL) within the Public International Law & Policy Group as part of a collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia and InterCidadania Institute in Brazil. The VHRL project was designed to help victims of serious human rights violations obtain access to justice and redress. This project aims to build an innovative web application-based chat-bot that enables users to find out how they can access existing global and regional human rights mechanisms in order to obtain some form of redress for the human rights violations they face. 

Measuring the Effectiveness of Lustration & Vetting Policies in Ukraine and Georgia

Many of the world's conflicts today are self-sustaining and ongoing, making the application of transitional justice measures difficult. Particularly in Central & Eastern Europe, namely Georgia, and Ukraine where the terminology of 'frozen conflicts' is still very relevant, the question of whether or not transitional justice will be successfully utilized is very much still under debate. My research asks the question of whether or not lustration and vetting policies were effective in the aftermath of Russian armed conflict in Ukraine and Georgia. I presented this research at the Fourth Annual Tartu Conference on Russian and East European Studies and the Third ECPR Conference on Organized Crime in Sofia. It is currently under editorial review for the Journal of Liberty and International Affairs.

gabriella.gricius@gmail.com |  +31 6 20583528